With the strong belief that social responsibility and business ethics represent the general framework within which each business process is designed, created and managed, the Company policy has been traditionally taking into account the environment and the sustainable development, not only by using and promoting actions such as electricity production from renewable energy sources but also making available its own experience and competence. In addition, all business processes are handled with great severity towards all environmental issues: waste management, authorizations for sewage and emissions into atmosphere, optimized management of energy requirements and consumption.

The safety of both own and external workers employed in areas or sites operated by Step Impianti is another action milestone of the Company, which has been always devoting great efforts to this issue, with actions aimed at involving every employee in the prevention of accidents, injuries and occupational diseases. The ongoing commitment to achieve excellent safety indices is achieved with the following actions:

– education, information and training;
– risk assessment;
– emergency management planning;
– work environment care;
– periodic verification of protection and prevention equipment and systems.

The attention to safety and other above outlined topics is achieved through constant commitment to the personnel professional education and training, which concerns not only the aspects of Quality, Environment and Safety, but also all other disciplines necessary to improve the workers competence and skills: design, installation and testing, languages, etc.

In agreement with these Company Policy goals, the Quality Management System Manual was integrated into the Integrated Quality, Environment and Safety System Manual. The Company policy also includes the certifications of Environmental Management System according to UNI EN ISO 14001 and Health and Safety Management System according to OHSAS 18001, which at present are in progress.